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Mascot Hero – Superhero Mascot!

MASCOT HERO is a mascot creation package series that focus on professional and detailed Heroic mascot pack. In this package, you can create many professional “athletic” type of mascot from the athletic businessman to the superhero itself! (See screenshot)

Mascot Hero Details

mascot hero details

This pack is all-in-one series that you can use in any of your project. If you need one package to solve all of your fat male yet professional character need, this pack is for you!

Our character design will help your business with the detailed and friendly style giving you more engagement from your audience. The Full HD Resolution is so sharp that it will looking great wherever you use it web, book, print, poster, anything you name it!

You will get the main PSD and Gimp XCF file so you can customize your character instantly using your software of choice (Photoshop or Gimp is recommended). Besides, we also provide you with number of premade characters so you can use your new characters in seconds!

This pack will provide unlimited possibilities for you to create professional athletic type of male character for your project.